Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My community mates are ROCKSTARS!

This past weekend, Hogar de Cristo (a big foundation here in Ecuador that works with community organizing, health, housing, education, etc), put on a concert to raise awareness and fight child labor. A big Ecuadorian reggaeton singer, Au-D, was the headliner. Kind of a big deal! What was a bigger deal (for us gringos) was that Belén and Mateo performed with one of the openning acts, a band called Grupo Eclipse from our neighborhood! Mateo played the drums, and Belén sang "Zombie" by the Cranberries. They were AWESOME! How funny that after less than a month in Ecuador, two of us volunteers were rocking out in downtown Guayaquil at the Malecón (a popular tourist spot). The rest of us cheered from the audience and even had a dance party with some mimes :)
Mateo killing it on the drums

Dancing with mimes!
So proud of our community mates :)

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